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player development


The Player Development Program focuses on developing the junior golfer into a complete player not just physically but mentally as well. 


Player development has moved beyond Golf Instruction to include Strength & Conditioning, Course Management, Junior Tournament Scheduling and Understanding the Recruiting Process. To succeed in the junior golf world you have to understand and navigate all of these aspects.



One of the first questions I'm asked by college coaches is "what is their swing speed and ball speed with a driver"? You need to be fast and powerful. Trackman data tells us most D1 men's players swing speeds are in excess of 115 mph. Women's D1 players are north of 98 mph. Simple math tells us D1 men's player average 299 yards with the driver and D1 women's 254 yards. This data alone dictates your junior player has a much higher ceiling if they are not at these levels. A properly designed strength and conditioning program is necessary for your junior to reach his or her full potential. 


All programs are developed specifically for the individual to meet his or her specific needs. Communication with the junior's swing instructor is also an important piece of the equation. Without this communication, valuable time can be wasted by trying to get a player to swing in a manner their body will not allow. This vital component takes all the guess work out of learning fundamental swing mechanics while matching what your junior can physically do.

Strength & Conditioning
Course Management

Golf is a jigsaw can't make the wrong pieces fit and have the puzzle look like the picture on the box...there is an art to making the piece fit and that is the art of course management. Not every shot must or should be played directly at the pin. Working one-to-one with your junior, I use their individual statistics to create strategies to improve not only their good scores, but also improving their bad scores. When your bad gets better your tournament finishes improve dramatically.


Tiger Woods is noted for saying, "I play aggressive to conservative targets".

Your junior will improve by gaining speed and playing smarter.


Junior Tournament Scheduling


There are literally hundreds of junior golf events to choose from to compete in over the course of a year. Which ones will get your closer to your goal of golf at the next level or colligate golf? Understanding which tours should be played in and which have the most weight with college coaches can be a frustrating experience. As of now the AJGA Tour is the most recognized tour by college coaches. Each junior tour is a stepping stone to the AJGA. A plan will be developed to get your junior to there and beyond. 

Understanding the Recruiting Process


Not every junior will play at an elite college or university. The most important thing for your junior is to find the best match for them academically, athletically and a great college experience. Understanding what college coaches are looking for from your junior, what recruiting restrictions are in place, and deadlines for contact is imperative. Remember a scholarship is a transaction between your junior and the institution they attend. Once your junior signs the letter or intent the real work begins. I'd rather have your junior play at a lower level D1, D2 or D3 school than to sign with a big D1 and not have a chance to compete. 

Current Clients


  • Stewart Cink - PGA Tour

  • Mariah Stackhouse - LPGA Tour

  • Billy Kennelly - Korn Ferry Tour

  • Drew Weaver Korn - Ferry Tour

  • Natalie Svrinasani - Symmetra Tour

  • Sara Im. - Georgia State Amateur Champion

  • Will Chandler - UGA

  • Sam Love - Furman University

  • William Love

  • Harris Barth

  • and many others...

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